Does installing wind turbines emit more CO2 than they save?

The Australian government’s own data: national-greenhouse-accounts-factors-2014.pdf says that when an industrial consumer in New South Wales consumes 100,000 kWh, 86 tonnes of CO2 are emitted.

Using this is generous, for consumers it’s more like 100 tonnes and it’s 134 tonnes in Victoria but let’s not point at Loy Yang and laugh.

This anti-wind farm web site: says making and installing a wind turbine emits 241.85 tons of CO2, as if this is a lot.

But that is how much CO2 is emitted in NSW when 281,221 kWh of mostly fossil fired electricity is consumed.

A 2MW wind turbine generates this in 140.6 hours of operation.

Even if the turbine only generates power at a 10% yield requiring 1406 hours of operation that’s only 56 days.

The idea that they must run hour for hour to back up each and every turbine in Australia is demonstrably wrong. By simple observation coal fired power stations are being shut down. You don’t do that unless no one is prepared to pay you for your cheap power.

So is it as simple as the anti-wind farm activist websites are published by people with faulty calculators?

Or have I missed something?