I’m John Lindsay and I am an investor, consultant and company director.jsl full length - 1

I help people build great technology companies.

I am a director of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Ltd, the TIO.

And of the international enterprise scale ecommerce hosting company UltraCommerce.

I am a non-executive director of ASX listed Redflow Ltd who design (in Brisbane) and build (in Thailand) Zinc Bromine flow batteries

I was a director of Uniti Group Ltd, formerly Uniti Wireless Ltd who are a fixed line and wireless ISP in Australia. I ceased being a director after we sold it to HRL Morrison & Co and Brookfield Asset Management for $3.73 billion in 2022.

I was a director of Nano-Nouvelle a nanotech electrode R&D business. Sadly we had to wind it up when we ran out of investors. Sometimes things don’t work out 😦

I am a founder and partner in jtwo.solutions Pty Ltd, an Adelaide based cloud consulting practise that has developed a tool and consulting method called cloudstep.io that helps manage the risk when planning, transitioning, securing and managing large IT operations into the cloud.

I spent a long time running ISPs including a couple that got really big.

I am a graduate member of the  Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I love the Internet, technology, renewable energy, electric cars and improving businesses.

I love working with smart people who get stuff done.

I understand the minds of geeks and can lead and manage them to produce amazing results.

I have extensive experience buying and selling complex technology based businesses, resources and services for great prices where vendors and buyers are all satisfied with the deal.

If you want to talk about a project send me a message on LinkedIn. Just because your project isn’t in Adelaide doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it!

I don’t do much on Twitter any more. You can find me on Mastodon

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