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Future in Review

I am attending the Strategic New Service conference Future In Review. I’ve wanted to attend this since Simon Hackett first started telling anyone who would listen how amazing he found it.

So, has it up to Simon’s hype?

Well, yes, yes it has proved to be amazing and I understand why Simon loves it.

The attendees come from a wide range of backgrounds but broadly it’s an older audience, mostly C level execs from business, corporate and government. There is also a large contingent of business analysts from the finance world and lots of high nett worth individuals who got that way by making well informed investment decisions.

People have talked about Internet of Things, Materials Science, Medical Diagnostics, Net Neutrality, Security vs Privacy and all sorts of other ways in which science, technology, money and government intersect.

To really appreciate the event you need to have been reading the regular news letters SNS publish. Now I’ve met a bunch of the people who contribute to the news letters I have a better measure of the deeply rational place most of these people come from.

This is not a room full of stereotypic Americans.

Mind suitably expanded.