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How good are Uber at GST?

UBER not tax invoiceUber just sent me an email saying that they’re raising Uber charges 10% in Australia so that their drivers can collect GST, more or less. It also include a link to their blog with the promise of info about Tax Invoices.

Indeed there is. It says that you can email them to ask for a Tax Invoice for bills over $82.50 which is the ATO cutoff for requiring a Tax Invoice to substantiate the GST input credit for a business.

It goes on to say “All rides with UberTaxi (Sydney) or UberBlack (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) will always have a Tax Invoice that you can download from”

So let’s see if Uber know how to issue a Tax Invoice.

In their instructions the ATO say Tax Invoices must have seven features:

  1. that the document is intended to be a tax invoice – MAYBE – the words “Tax Invoice” do not appear on the document but Uber do state on their blog that it is a Tax Invoice so they must intend it to be.
  2. the seller’s identity – YES
  3. the seller’s Australian business number (ABN) – YES
  4. the date the invoice was issued – YES
  5. a brief description of the items sold, including the quantity (if applicable) and the price – MAYBE – It says “Transportation services” which is vague but accurate.
  6. the GST amount (if any) payable – this can be shown separately or, if the GST amount is exactly one-eleventh of the total price, as a statement such as ‘Total price includes GST’- YES
  7. the extent to which each sale on the invoice is a taxable sale (that is, the extent to which each sale includes GST)
    either the sale is clearly identified as being fully taxable by the words ‘total price including GST’, or
    it shows the GST included in each line item (see column with the GST amount), and the sale is clearly identified as being fully taxable by the words ‘the total price includes GST’.- YES

It appears to me that Uber are providing a mechanism that lets properly registered drivers issue documents that the ATO will probably consider to be Tax Invoices but I would feel more comfortable if they put the words TAX INVOICE on it.

Labor made data retention

You can’t have it both ways Labor. Reports that you’re “rethinking” Data Retention mean you’ve worked out your supporter base doesn’t actually like surveillance. You unquestioningly supported it in spite of the evidence put in front of you by experts. So now it’s yours. You made it. You didn’t OPPOSE it, so you get no credit for opposing it now. Future performance is predicted by past behaviour – remember that at the ballot box voters.

The Age article

Do Greeks pay enough tax?

Let’s look at the assertion that Greeks don’t support their welfare state by paying tax.

Using OECD data from
Australia’s tax revenue 2012
$416b total tax revenue
$163b personal tax 

23m population

AUD$18K total tax per person

AUD$7K personal tax per person (not per adult, per person)

Greece’s tax revenue (from the Greece equivalent page) 2013

EUR65b total tax, say $92b at 2013 exchange rates (similar to now)

EUR13b personal tax, say $19m

11m population

AUD$8K total tax per person

AUD$1.7K personal tax per person

But you say, the bankers have crippled Greece with austerity so let’s look at 2004.

Using OECD historic data from

Greece’s total tax revenue was EUR58b

Interestingly the population was the same 11m, so that’s EUR5K per person which means the current EUR8K austerity induced “small” tax take is 60% higher. Small relative to Australia’s tax revenues which are more than double at current exchange rates.

Australia’s total tax revenue was USD$205b or AUD$281b and the population was 20m, so that’s AUD$14K, compared to $18K now, a 30% increase.

So Greeks are now paying more tax, 60% more, but they certainly weren’t paying tax on the scale needed to support their welfare state a decade ago.

If they can grow their economy at the current tax rates they might just about reach the point where they are paying enough tax to support a reasonable welfare system.

Fritz!Box 7272

I have a shiny new Fritz!Box 7272 from Internode. This is the just released model.  I connected it to my Internode service, set it up myself  and in the best traditions of Internode it just worked.

Yes, Internode offered to set it up for me but I like messing with technical stuff 🙂

Contrary to the statement on the Internode website, I had no problems with caller_id on the legacy PSTN line.

I get 18.9/2.5mb from the ADSL2+ AnnexM service.  That’s a bit more than from the old Billion.

One of the two gigabit ethernet ports are happily talking to my gigabit LAN and the two 100 meg ports are talking to media devices.

I have moved my iiNet VOIP service onto Fritz (it can handle heaps of VOIP services at the same time) and will set up the VPN (handy for connecting to the home network while I’m away to provide tech support…)

It’s a pity the NAS doesn’t do DNLA so I’m probably not going to try the fileserver.

The range of the DECT seems slightly less than my old Siemens A580 but the 7272 is quite happy driving the old Siemens handsets.

The key feature I wanted was time of day access control for the kids and setting that up was super simple.

IPv6 came up automagically without any set up required.

Sadly the 7272 does not have but since I leave the WiFi turned off and use an Apple airport network this doesn’t matter to me.  The wifi can also be turned off by time of day which was plan A for the kids but the MAC address based blocks are easier to admin and means I don’t need yet another SSID in the house.

AVM have created a winning product here.