Lindsay Strategic Advisory

LSA Logo1Welcome to the beginning of Lindsay Strategic Advisory Pty Ltd.

The company was incorporated on January 16 2014.

I will blog the process of how I am creating a consulting business.

The company exists because I asked my accountant, Frank, from Wright Evans Partners what I should do. Frank runs all of the back end of my investment companies and makes sure all the formal stuff like tax and ASIC paperwork gets lodged. Frank advised that I set up a stand-alone company just for consulting. It won’t own any other assets.

So now I need to get a bank account, register for GST, register as an employer with the ATO and Workcover, get insurance and create an accounting system.

I need a regular office because working from home may be glamorous but I find it inefficient in the long term because my home is full of distractions.

Oh, and I need some clients to work for so I can generate some income.

The swan has been a part of clan Lindsay crests for hundreds of years.  The tartan is of course Lindsay.  If I have an artist create a logo the swan will be black 🙂

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